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Our Design-Build Process

WoodSmith’s Custom Carpentry Process Is A Bit Different than other companies you may have worked with in the past. We plan our work and then work our plan. Our clients dream and save for their home renovation project. That’s why we take time to plan upfront. By gathering all of the details before we start, it allows us to give our customers a set price for a project. No surprises and no guesswork.

Step 1: Initial Meeting You tell us about your dream project—addition, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and so on. Tell us what you see. This is the step where it’s helpful to have a file (we call it a dream file) loaded with your home renovation ideas(photos, drawings, etc.). Simply use a manila folder—nothing fancy needed. Help us see what you see!

Step 2: Budget and Planning
 Most of the time our clients have specific ideas for their home, but they don’t know how much it will cost. That’s ok. We prepare an initial cost estimate, so you know what to expect financially, as well as how long it will take to complete..

Step 3: Design
 This is where we work together. Don’t have a set of construction plans or designs ready? We can introduce you to Dick Hughes. He’ll put your ideas to paper. Best of all he’s an experienced designer and architect who’s worked on projects in the greater Hartford area for the past 20 years.

Step 4: Product Selection This is the fun part and what makes us different. You go shopping to pick out all of the new stuff for your remodeling project. With design and preliminary budget in hand, make selections— lighting, cabinets, flooring and whatever else goes into the final renovation project. Sound overwhelming? We can refer interior designers to work with and assist you with decision making. dream looks really cool when it’s reality..

Step 5: Set the Price 
We don’t like surprises and know you don’t either. With renderings and selections made, our team reviews everything and presents a set price and renovation timeline. By taking a few extra steps before the project starts, we know we’re prepared to begin and fulfill your expectations.

Step 6 Work the plan and create your dream home renovation.

Click here to learn more: What to Expect.

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